BOLT Fall 2021 Trip

We are excited to announce that we ARE planning to have a wilderness experience trip this Fall 2021!!

Our spring semester was not what we expected. A byproduct of the important steps taken by the University to keep one another safe and healthy was that many of you may have missed out on an important time to find and form communities in your first year or sophomore year. That may feel scary or lonely or just sort of a bummer. BOLT, and all our wonderful leaders, will strive to make sure you have an opportunity to form those communities!

This year, BOLT begins with a five-day wilderness experience trip in the New England region right before school starts. The exact location of the trip will be shared this summer 2021. It continues throughout the fall semester with group get-togethers, leadership development workshops, and BOLT community events that are all part of our new and improved Fall Program. Former BOLTers and leaders agree, your BOLT group provides a community of 9 other people who you may never have otherwise met. Beyond that, you will always have the wider BOLT community to call your own. This opens you up to so many more wonderful people and opportunities!

BOLT is committed to welcoming everyone into the program regardless of background or ability to pay. No outdoor or backpacking experience necessary. Financial aid, as well as FREE gear and boots rental are available! In addition, BOLT also offers community trips for people of color, women/people of marginalized gender identity, and creative trips for people who want to focus on artistic expression in the outdoors and/or want a trip that is less physically strenuous.

The application for BOLTers will open on Monday, April 12 and will close on May 24. You can find the application here. This year we are inviting students who will be juniors, sophomores, transfer, and RUE students in Fall 2021 to participate in the BOLT trip.

What is BOLT?

BOLT is an inclusive community for rising sophomores, transfers, and RUE students at Brown University. It begins with a backpacking trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire before school starts, and continues through the fall semester with fun and supportive events.

This year, we are planning to offer a Women’s Trip, a People of Color Trip, and a less physically strenuous Creative Trip focused on artistic expression in the outdoors. Please visit this page for more information!


Thank you to everyone who has already donated during BOLT’s 2019 Phone-a-thon! We sincerely appreciate it. Donations are crucial to the financial assistance that we are able to provide to future BOLT Participants and Leaders. If you are able and willing to donate, please follow the instructions on this page.