Financial Aid and Gear Program

BOLT operates primarily on raised funds, and the leaders within the program engage in fundraising efforts. Our largest fundraiser that supports financial aid and our operating costs is our two-day Phone-a-Thon in January where we reach out to our parents and to BOLT alumni, each year in order to cover our operating costs as well as be able to offer financial assistance. Through the generous gifts of parents and alums, we are able to offer assistance to students that need it. Our ability to offer financial aid and to loan gear to students, supports our values of access to the outdoors and to our program.

We appreciate the support that alumni, parents, and participants have shown the program. Without your help, we could not cover the operational costs. If you would like to support us with a financial gift to Brown directed to BOLT, or a gift of gear please check out our page related supporting BOLT.

Financial Aid for BOLTers

The participation fee is $390, (which includes a $40 deposit in late April and a $350 balance due by the end of July).

We encourage students for whom this cost is prohibitive to apply for financial aid. This process – which is confidential and independent from the BOLTer application – starts with a brief online request/inquiry form. Financial aid applications are reviewed only by the BOLT Director.

By mid June each summer, we are able determine the amount of funding available for financial assistance and share it across the requests we receive.

Gear Program

Please review our Packing List to get a better sense of what gear you will need for the fall trip. Group gear is provided for group cooking and shelter. For personal gear, BOLT can provide you with some of the required equipment such as a pair of boots, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack, and rain gear (jackets and pants). We are also have some clothing available.

If you own any of this personal gear, we ask that you bring/use it for the trip in order to help us meet the gear needs of the collective group. We will also provide you with creative tips to help you acquire what you need while keeping spending to a minimum. BOLT is a great opportunity to get funky with your outfits (matching items not required), borrow gear, and check out second hand stores.

During the summer, we will send out a Gear Request Form to BOLTers to determine what personal gear (boots, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack, rain gear) you would like to borrow. We will also have a “gear auction” as a part of our Sunday Pre-Trip meeting to solve issues of missing gear using the collection of clothing items that have been donated to us over the years.

We welcome and seek donations of warm, non-cotton clothing items and hiking boots in good condition: hats, gloves, long underwear, hiking socks, headlamps, nylon pants/tops, fleece items of all kinds to support our ability to help support our BOLTers and Leaders.