Forms and Packing List

Collected in early May after acceptance:
  1. BOLT Acceptance Response and Refund Form (sample copy – we use a similar google form)
  2. Medical Form
  3. Release and Waiver Form
Forms and Information sent out during the summer:
  1. Summer Mailing Cover Letter – posted online and emailed out in late June
  2. Fall Trip Packing and Gear List
  3. Boots Guide
  4. Getting to Know You Form (sample copy – we use a similar google form in mid/late June)
Collected in August before the trip:
  1. During the Sunday pre-trip meeting we will have you complete this form: Medical Supplement/Updates Form
  2. Dietary Accommodations: We must submit a formal request/form (Catering Event – Guest Allergen Form) to catering for each guest requiring a meal accommodation at our BOLT Banquet. These are due not later than a week prior to the trip.