Forms, Mailings, and Packing List

Collected in early May after acceptance:
  1. BOLT Acceptance Response and Refund Form (sample copy – we use a similar google form)
  2. Medical Form
  3. Release and Waiver Form
Forms and Information sent out in the summer mailing packet (Sent out on July 13, 2017):
  1. Summer Mailing Cover Letter
  2. Fall Trip Packing and Gear List
  3. Boots Guide
  4. Getting to Know You Form (White Mountains Survey)
Collected in August before the trip:
  1. During the Sunday pre-trip meeting we will have you complete this form: Medical Supplement/Updates Form
  2. Dietary Accommodations: We must submit a formal request/form (Catering Event – Guest Allergen Form) to catering for each guest requiring a meal accommodation at our BOLT Banquet. These are due not later than a week prior to the trip.


BOLTer Summer Mailings

We will also update this page with important emails sent out to BOLTers before the Fall Trip. In case you haven’t received these emails, you can still keep on top of major updates through this page!


June 15th, 2017

Gauging BOLTers’ Interest in BOLT’s Women’s, POC, and Creative Trips

Hi future BOLTers!

You’re receiving this email because you indicated interest in BOLT’s Women, POC, and Creative trips. We want to give you all more information about each type of trip, as well as re-gauge your interest in each trip before we start filling spots. After the description of each trip, there will be a google form asking you to rate your interest level in that trip. Since we have a limited number of spots, selection for these trips will be based on a combination of interest level, answers in your BOLT applications, and lottery.
Spots on these trips are very limited, and tend to fill up fast, so please fill out the google forms ASAP! Responses to these forms are due July 1st, 2017.
The BOLT Women’s Trip is a long standing tradition, due to the success of these trips and large amount of interest, this year we plan to expand to two women’s groups. As the name implies, the women’s trips leaders and BOLTers identify as female. Both BOLT women’s trips will be led by two upperclassman, female-identifying leaders who will challenge participants with leadership, identity, and outdoor access conversations while hiking for five days in the White Mountains. These trips will operate similar to all other routes and will be in the same Sunday meeting and on the same buses.  This is an amazing opportunity for you if you are looking to take part in a woman centered community at Brown, having engaging conversations about women and the outdoors, and a safe and comfortable space for women to thrive on the trail!
We are very excited to launch our first trip specifically for people of color! The trip will host leaders and BOLTers who have self-identified as people of color. The leaders are committed to creating a brave space that will reflect and celebrate the group’s identities. On the five-day backpacking trip in the White Mountains, you will explore outdoor access while having intentional conversations related to race, ethnicity, culture, and nationality. This trip will operate similar to all other routes and will be in the same Sunday meeting and on the same buses. BOLTers, who identify as a person of color and who want to dive deeper into these important conversations, will experience a supportive and empowering environment both on trail and back on campus.
BOLT is excited to announce it’s first ever Creative Trip! The creative trip is open to BOLTers of all identities, concentrations, and levels of ability. The trip focuses on cultivating community through incorporating nature and leadership into different mediums of art and outdoor experience. The group will camp at Lafayette campground in the White Mountains for all five days; you will still bring a backpack for gear but will be able to leave it at camps while doing activities and day hikes. The Creative Trip leaders are still doing some planning, but example activities include: yoga/meditation, painting/sketching with native berries and charcoal, studying native medicinal and edible plants, and doing a day hike up to an aerial tramway! the group will create a video and art showcase to bring back to Brown to show the group’s talent and creativity to the Brown community.
The BOLT Managers (ALEMU)