Please see respective pages for more information. Descriptions of different roles within BOLT are listed below.

BOLTer: A BOLTer is a rising sophomore or new transfer/RUE student who seeks an opportunity for personal reflection, social support and community through a wilderness and on-campus experience.

BOLT Leader: A BOLT Leader is a sophomore, junior, or senior .5er who is committed to becoming proficient in the technical and facilitation skills necessary to lead a group both on campus and in the wilderness. A Leader receives 120-180 hours of training during the Spring to prepare them to lead and facilitate a BOLT group in the fall. As a BOLT Leader, they help guide their group through life at Brown and provide opportunities for community connection and personal growth throughout the fall semester at Brown.

Leaders provide the foundation for BOLT’s sophomore and new transfer student advising and support network.

Mentor: A Mentor is a BOLT Leader who commits to expanding their understanding of leadership through continued trainings and the opportunity to teach. Mentors provide the core instruction and support during the Leader training in the Spring. Full time Mentors attend all Spring skills trainings, teach all BOLT technical and facilitation skills, and effectively communicate the philosophies and policies of BOLT. They are also responsible for observing and supporting the development of a small group of Leaders (a home group) throughout the Spring training. Part time Mentors help to facilitate some but not all spring trainings. Mentors are an essential part of BOLT’s continuity and program development.

Manager: A Manager is a former BOLT Leader who works in partnership with co-managers and the director to oversee the operational and programmatic aspects of BOLT. Managers provide overall leadership and facilitation for the program. They run our fall events, steering committees, and spring training and the day-to-day logistics that go with the program’s oversight.